Custom CD Album Keychain

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Custom CD Album Keychain

Create Your Unique Music Experience 🎡

Imagine picking up your keys and instantly triggering your favorite music. Our custom CD album keychain brings music to your fingertips!

Product Highlights:

  • Custom Designs 🎨: Whether it’s your favorite album cover, personal photo, or creative design, we can make it happen.
  • Mini Album πŸ“€: Small and exquisite, mini CD shape, not just a keychain but a music player.
  • NFC Auto Play πŸ“²: Simply touch your phone to the keychain, and your pre-set songs will play automatically using NFC technology.
  • Easy Setup πŸ› οΈ: Comes with a detailed tutorial, making it easy to set up your songs and enjoy a personalized music experience.

Setup Tutorial

  1. Preparation πŸ”§:
    • Ensure your phone supports NFC and is enabled.
  2. Download the App πŸ“₯:
    • Download and install the specified NFC setup app (e.g., NFC Tools).
  3. Connect the Keychain πŸ”—:
    • Open the NFC setup app, bring the keychain close to your phone, and start reading.
  4. Upload Song Links 🎢:
    • In the app, select the "Write" option, input the song link you want to play or choose a locally stored song file.
  5. Custom Design πŸ–ΌοΈ:
    • Upload your favorite design, and we will customize it during production.
  6. Enjoy Your Music 🎧:
    • After setting up, simply touch your phone to the keychain, and the music will play automatically.

Let your keychain be more than just a decoration; make it your portable music companion. Order now and customize your unique music keychain! πŸŽ‰